I'm Ezel

I embarked on my journey in the world of technology during my 10th-grade year, where I began my exploration of Arduino and its applications. My initial foray led me to undertake a captivating smart home project. However, my appetite for knowledge didn't stop there. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, I saw an opportunity for personal growth and seized it by delving into Python. With unwavering dedication, I continued to deepen my understanding of Python and embarked on numerous projects. This commitment carried me through my first semester at Hacettepe University, where I pursued a degree in Computer Science. During the second semester, I broadened my skill set by mastering Java. Currently, I am engrossed in the world of C++, marking my second semester of exploration. My ultimate aspiration is to enhance my expertise to such an extent that I can contribute effectively to a renowned technology company, even if it means gaining experience through voluntary work.